Conservatories Roofs (Guardian Roof)

If you’ve already got a conservatory, but find you’re not using it due to draughts, chilly winters, boiling summers or frosty glazing – a Guardian roof might be the answer. There’s no reason to give up on your conservatory, a solid Guardian warm-roof could give it a new lease of life and save you money on heating bills!

Our conservatory roof replacements promise:

  • Higher level of noise reduction
  • A wide range of styles, designs & finishes
  • Interior style options, such as LED lighting
  • Variety of tile and window options
  • Approved by the Local Authority Building Control
  • Thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18W/m2K.

Our Guardian roofs retain heat, revolutionise your conservatory and create a unique, useful and visually stunning extension to your home. Don’t let your old conservatory fall into disrepair or disuse. Revitalise it with a state of the art Guardian roof.